Welding Specialist

NDT Coordinator 

QC Inspector 



Contact in Italy 

Mobile :+39 324 5471653   

email : inspector.twi@mail.com

skype : palara.gianluca1




Present role:








Experience of over 40 years in the welding and control quality, strong analysis and problem solving ability, organizational and time management skills, own initiative, leadership and strong goals oriented. Fully capability of welding department managing, international contracts leading, planning of organizing activities to ensure customer needs. I quickly and easily adapt to new situations and prove my self effective on my own or as a team player. 


Experience type of construction:


Piping, Pipe line, Sea line, Vessel, Furnaces, Nuclear reactor, Column, Tank, Sphere, Module & Jacket offshore, Petrol chimical plant, Oil rafinery, Station pumping, Gas boat, Chemical oil tanker,

Convertive, Boiler of Power plant, Sea distiller, Liquide gas plant, Automatic welding process



Country where i working:


Nicaragua, Italy, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Baharein, Belgium, France, Egipty, Switzerland, Greece, Germany, URSS, Venezuela, Libya, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Congo, Holland, Albania.


My role:


Placement of welders for personal abilities, asking and production quality, respecting regulations and requirements of the manager.

Supervises the construction quality control functions/activities related to welding discipline,  

including quality control inspection schedules and the collection of quality records.

Ensure the availability of quality records documents.
Checks the welding procedures and welders qualifications.
Checks the availability and suitability of the filler material and of the preheating, 

welding, heat treatment and control equipments.
Supervises welding operations checking the suitabily of protection gear and precautionary

measures adopted by the welders, both for the preservation of electrodes and for

operating in adverse atmospheric conditions.
Control the heat treatment record diagramme.
Checks the extent of the ripairs made by the various welders, taking any corrective actions where necessary.
Record the number of not destructive examinations and heat treatment performed.
Ensure the correct application of the inspection test plan.
Allocate quality control personnel to the various area of site activity.
Supervises and witnesses  inspections, checks reports and documentation issued by inspectors and

collect and file the required quality records.
Be sure that all sites activities are carried out according to reference documentation for parts of the

plant within his area of responsibility, authorising their acceptace at quality control completion.
Cooperates in event report management and for all the implementation of relative corrective actions.
Sistematically records the nonconformity or event reports issued and identifies appropriate corrective actions.
Manages collaboration of measurement instruments and related certifications.
Distrbutes quality plan on site.

Informs the site quality manager of any deviation regarding the contract.
Checks the completeness and conformity to specified applicable requirement, standards and/or directives.
Ensures that the test, controls and inspections are carried out and that personnel
have access to all required project documentation.
Makes site personnel aware of and trainee them on quality topics.
Ensures, whenever necessary, the update of site quality control plans/control procedures.

All this in compliance with the required production from the managers.




  • Italian :  native.
  • English : Good                                                     
  • Spanish : Good




  • Course H2S (hydrogen sulfide) first impact and survival TCO (Chevron-Tengiz)
  • Course Field Supervisor HSE Aker Solutions (Island-D Kashagan)
  • Course The Competent Supervisor Aker Solutions (Island-D Kashagan) 
  • Course Construction Supervisor Aker Solutions (Island-D Kashagan)
  • Course working at Heights Bonatti Karabatan 
  • Course EWP (Elevated Work Platform) Bonatti Karabatan 
  • Course ms-office Global school  Milano Italy 
  • Course HSE induction offshore Karabatan program AGIP KCO Atyrau 
  • Course HSE induction onshore Karabatan program AGIP KCO Atyrau 
  • Course H2S level 2 exp. 2016 YKK Kazakhstan AGIP KCO Atyrau 
  • Course H2S OPITO n° 49849014170314145899 exp. 2016 AGIP KCO Atyrau 
  • FFT Draeger respirator FPS 7000 HSE 282/28 (only UK) exp. 2015 AGIP KCO Atyrau 
  • FFT MSA respirator MSA 3S 2000 QNFT using TSI PortaCount exp. 2015 AGIP KCO Atyrau
  • Course HSE Induction level 2 onshore Eskene Heist Bonatti Atyrau 
  • Advanced course (Decreto Legislativo 231/2001) Sincert DNV
  • The Model of Organisation Management and Control Bonatti Sincert DNV


General Skill:


  • Knowledge of the welding processes, familiar with standard:

            ASME V-IX-B31.3-B31.4-B31.8, AWS D1.1, API 1104, 

            BS EN 5817, EEMUA 158, ISO 13847, ISO 13623, API 5LD,

            ASTM A265, ASTM B443, ASTM G1, BS4515-1, ISO 857-1, 

            ISO 4063, ISO 6520-1, ISO 9606-1, ISO 10474, ISO 12135,

            ISO 13916, ISO 14175, ISO 15609-1, ISO 15614-7,

            ISO/IEC 17025, EN 1011-1

  • Extensive experience in fabrication and building activities, structures and piping
  • Inspection Engineers and Supervisory Welding & Mechanical activities
  • Expert welders test, welder qualification, welding procedure
  • Examination and certification NDT (not destructive test)
  • Issue PQR/WPS make in according to several norms
  • Knowledge of technical drawing
  • Experience in test pack, hydro-test


Certifications :


  • Welding Inspector certificate WI-6-92 CSWIP 3.1 Level 2 in supervisory,Inspection welding, process N° 64743  Expiry 2022
  • UKAS 025 "United Kingdom Accreditation Service" QA QC cert.stamp TWI N° 638432 Expiry 2022
  • BS EN ISO 17637:2011 NDT, Visual & Macro. Visual before, during and after welding. Certification and acceptance after examination NDT, Macro for accept  PQR  & create WPS Expiry 2022
  • RT Radiogrphic Interpretation Level 2 according to UNI EN ISO 9712 n°14FI00983PO5 expire 2019
  • UT Ultrasonic Test level 2 according to UNI EN ISO 9712 Serv. & Pres.n°18VE00313PN3 expire 2023
  • VT Visual test level 2 according to UNI EN ISO 9712 Serv. & Pres.n°18VE00313PN4 expire 2023
  • MT Magneto.Test level 2 according to UNI EN ISO 9712 Serv. & Pres.n° 18VE00339PN1expire 2023
  • PT Dye Penet.Test level 2 according to UNI EN ISO 9712 Serv. & Pres.n°18VE00339PN2expire 2023
  • Issuing authority TRICard + PERMIT TO WORK nr° AT33109 2°level
  • Access in Confined Spaces licence YYK129846 
  • BOSIET survival north sea with escape from helicopter nr° 10K107806 
  • HSE preparation of safety, accident prevention control in Course displaying risk management and incident investigation skills in facilities and pipelines TCO  Chevron Tengiz  Kazakhstan
  • International Biometrical passport exp. 2023 


Driving licence:  


  • International Driving Licence in A+B 
  • International boat license without limits


Personal capacity: 


  • Practicality, dynamism, strong spirit of initiative, excellent abilities, to operate in team achieved with experience direct foreign countries, willingness to travel. 


               I authorize the processing of data in this CV, law 675/96 on the

“protection of persons and other subjects regarding the processing of personal data”                                                                          

                                                          Gianluca Palara