Welding Inspector QC

JV Renco-Terna

Fier Albania

From 06/2018 till to 05/2019







Control fabrication welding department work shop pumping station gas

stainless steel and carbon steel with norm EN-ISO in Fier ALBANIA

Trans Adriatic Pipeline

Contractor: APM Albania

Customer: Technip (TAP)



Construction Representative - QA/QC Coordinator

ENI Ghana

Rotterdam Holland

From 09/2017 till to 04/2018











Control construction oil & gas offshore OCTP Development Prpject GHANA procediments, WPQ, WPS, NDT & final documentation in Rotterdam Holland. Baseframe offshore with piping Clad 625 incoloy connect to pipeline

Contractor: Hollandia - EMASchiyoda 

Customer: ENI Ghana



Welding Inspector QC -


Priolo Siracusa Italy

From 02/2017 till to 07/2017





Inspector working on behalf of the Company (ISAB Refinery srl, Lukoil) during the general shut down of IGCC plant (TA 2017). Involved during the prefabrication activities for the new constructions (hydrogen plant, piping, stainless steel material). Duties included the welding inspection, review of technical documentation, witness of NDT performance, reviewing NDT reports, review/approval of test packs. Welding inspection and production supervision during the 5 weeks planned shut-down. Writing repairs procedure for damaged pressure vessels and tanks, supervision of activities. Daily reporting. (UNI-EN-ISO) 




Welding Supervisor - Inspector QC -

Eskene West  Karabatan Atyrau Kazakhstan

Bonatti spa

Pipeline Rehabilitation CRA CLAD onshore/offshore

From 09/2015 till to 12/2016





Responsible construction welding department "first line" semiautomatic and manual, ISO/NP-14731:2006 - ISO/TC 44/SC 11, inconel alloy 625 in Pipeline Rehabilitation CRA CLAD onshore/offshore with standards: 

API 5LD, ASTM A265, ASTM B443, ASTM G1, BS 4515-1, ISO 857-1, ISO 3843, ISO 4063, ISO 6520-1,

ISO 9606-1, ISO 10474, ISO 12135, ISO 13623, ISO 13847, ISO 13916, ISO 14175, ISO 15609-1,

ISO 15614-1, ISO 15614-7, ISO/IEC 17025, EN 1011-1 

and Code: ASME section V, ASME section II part C, AWS D10.10

Subcontractor: SERIMAX

Customer: AgipKCO - SAIPEM/ErsaiKZ   

End Customer: NCOC KZ



Welding Superintendent / Inspector QA QC

Pointe Noire Republic du Congo


Litchendjili project WP5 

From  2014 till to 09/2015





Control contractor (Welding department) in Litchendjili project WP5, Djeno, Pointe Noire.

Control M'Boundi fabrication and NDT department for Saipem-BosCongo. 

Customer: ENI CG



Welding /Mechanical Inspector QA/QC

Karabatan Kazakhstan

R.I.N.A.  for  AgipKCO ENI 

Pipeline Island D  Karabatan

From 2013 till to 2014





1)Examination pipelines connection Caspian sea to Karabatan 28" sour gas & 28" sour oil, request hardness test,  RT, UT examinations, Positive metal identification ( NDE ISO 13623, NORM. ISO 13847 )


2)Welding & Mechanical QA/QC coordinator, identification procedures, process, materials, hardness, RT, UT examination, Golden Joints ect ect, in experimental project Island-D

Kashagan (ASME IX, B 31.3, EEMUA 158) NDE (UNI EN 473-ISO 9712) 9712) 

Customer: NCOC



Welding NDT Coordinator  

Basra, Zubair, IRAQ

Sicim SPA Italy

EPC Pipelines installation Zubair oil field project Basra IRAQ

From  2013 till to 2013






Coordinator welding and NDT department (ASME IX-B31.3-B31.4-B31.8-API 1104) We are looking for continuous improvement ideas and innovations to maximize quality and quantity in perfect safety. These are the primary objectives.

Customer: ENI 



Welding Inspector QC - Superintendent Specialist 

Issuing authority PTW Yard Karimun

ENI SAIPEM  Indonesia

Balai, Karimun Island yard 

From 2012 till to 2013




Responsible welding department, control safety, quality, progress (AWS D 1.1)



Welding Inspector QC - Supervisor 

Issuing authority PTW Agip KCO

Ersai Caspian Contractor LLC (ENI)

Island-D Kashagan (Kazakhstan)

From 2010 till to 2012




Responsible welding department, control safety, quality, progress, NDE records (ASME IX-B31.3-B31.4)



Welding Instructor - Teacher

KPO Karachaganak

Aksai (Kazakhstan)

From 2010 till to 2010








Teacher for explain: History of welding, materials, processes, procedures, alloy,

technical drawing, WPS, PQR, PWHT, NDT, quality & safety discipline

Customer: AGIP KPO KZ


Welding & PWHT Coordinator

Issuing authority PTW Agip KCO

Bonatti spa Italy

Karabatan, Atyrau (Kazakhstan)
From 2007 till to 2010

Responsible  welding & HTPW department, control safety, quality, progress, 

reading and certification  RT EN473/ISO9712  (ASME V-IX- B31.3-B31.8)

Customer: AGIP KCO KZ


Welding Inspector QC - Supervisor 

Ansaldo (nuclear division) E.N.E.A

Saluggia, Vercelli, Italy

From 2005 till to 2007






Responsible welding department, inspection welding activities, NDE record (BS EN 5817)

Customer: E.N.E.A. IT


Welding Inspector - Supervisor  

Metalprocess srl Roma, Italy

From 2003 till to 2005





Responsible welding department, inspection welding activities

Offshore DP4 -DP3 Gulf of Sirte (Libia), Power plant Amsterdam (Holland),

Experimental centre nuclear Accelerator Cern (Ginevra) Oil plant Pireo Atene (Grece)


From 1980 till to 2003  Welder and Foreman  




Welding  RT 100%  S/steel 304, 308,(309 bimetal), 310, 312, 316, 318, 321, 347, C/steel,

CuNi 70-30 / 80-20 / 90-10, inconel 625, 825, incoloy 800, titanium, duplex, S/duplex, F22,

CX 20, hastelloy, alluminium, Cr  P11, P22, P55, P91, P92, etc. Qualified "TIG 141" with mirror.


Power plant Sermide (MN), Oil plant Ras Lanuf (Libia), Oil plant Porto Said (Egitto),

Cement plant Kerbala (Iraq), Power plant GIE Baiji (Iraq), Power plant Montalto

di castro (VT), Power plant Lippendorf (Lipsia), Power plant Waisswasser (Dresda),

Oil plant Waissnfiels (Lipsia), Power plant Milazzo (ME), Power plant Termini Imerese(PA),

Vega1 offshore Pozzallo (SR), Vega Oil 1 supertank Pozzallo (SR), TCO Pipeline Tengiz (KZ),

Offshore gas adratic sea ( RA-PE-AN), Fertiler plant Barcelona (Venezuela), 

Power plant Lione (france), Oil Neste plant Rotterdam (Holland).


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